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As part of our portfolio for 2014 we recently embarked on a project with Mughtar of Sagan Corp Holdings. Part of our task was to create a new logo design for Sagan Corp holdings website. The final Logo was created in Photoshop CC.Sagan Corp Holdings is an investment Boutique which was launched in 2014 and is located in Cape Town South Africa.The primary focus of this financial enterprise consists of financial services, technology and real estate.Due to Sagan Corp Holdings business and political affiliations they aim to yield a US$100billion return within the next decade.Initially we provided Mughtar of Sagan Corp Holdings with a logo brief in order to obtain some of his thoughts and ideas on the style of the logo and the values that would be presented through it.

Initially we provided Mughtar of Sagan Corp Holdings with a logo brief in order to obtain some of his thoughts and ideas on the style of the logo and the values that would be presented through it.No examples of any particular Logo was provided by Sagan Corp Holdings although some of their choices were indicated on the logo brief.Sagan Corp Holdings required five logo concepts from us from which they wished to view and choose from.Experiments were conducted with the type faces and we provided them with the sans -serif type style as they indicated in their brief.One other requirement was that the logo should be “distinctive, professional and easily identifiable” with the option to utilize it as a separate graphic element from the Sagan Corp Holdings wording for different applications. [su_spacer]   [su_carousel source="media: 848,847,846,845,844" limit="5" width="980" height="560" items="1" title="no" mousewheel="no"]   [su_spacer] From their choices on the brief we sensed that the Logo needed to be classy and demure, due to the corporate image which needed to be represented.Sagan Corp Holdings wanted a logo which ingrained certainty, conviction, reliability, expertise and dedication.They specifically indicated that they preferred  the logo to be elementary and uncomplicated and definitely not something which was tricky and complicated, because tricky and complicated obviously is  a representation of the company and that is opposite of what they wanted to achieve.An abstract graphic monogram and company name initials were the Logos  which they chose and indicated in the brief.   [su_spacer] [su_carousel source="media: 833" limit="1" width="980" height="560" items="1" title="no" arrows="no" mousewheel="no"] [su_spacer]  

Letterhead and Business card Design

[su_spacer] We were asked to design letterheads as well as business cards for Sagan Corp Holdings.They wanted something classy and professional so we decided to remain with the theme colors of black, silver and grey.We chose to go with a design that is understated yet elegant and opted out of choosing gaudy and over the top.In this case black represents the corporate business world, silver represents opulence and wealth. [su_spacer] 003_SaganCorp_Identity_Revised_web

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For the company look and feel they elected a minimal yet sophisticated look.As far as colour is concerned they preferred the colours silver, black and grey on the colour palette.The colour silver adds bling and suggests affluence and wealth as well as modernity.The colour Grey suggests efficiency in the business world.Black indicates power which is significant in this case because Sagan Corp Holdings has a ten year forecast which hopes to generate an amount of US$100billion. [su_spacer] SaganCorp Final Logo Face Sketch( [su_spacer]                 SaganCorp Final Logo Face [su_spacer]   001_Apexic Bay Logo Design_Re Revised 02(FILEminimizer) [su_spacer] 001_Apexic Bay Logo Design_Revised 02(FILEminimizer) [su_spacer] 002_Apexic Bay Logo Design_Re Revised 02(FILEminimizer) [su_spacer] 003_Apexic Bay Logo Design_Re Re Revised 02 with Black BG(FILEminimizer) [su_spacer] 003_Apexic Bay Logo Design_Re Revised 02 with Black BG(FILEminimizer) [su_spacer]  

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